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Ulixes Corporation. is a San Francisco based Consulting boutique working in the finance sector. We help companies transform their business and stay competitive in a dynamic market. Our design and business core competences make company goals work on future oriented systems. We provide in-depth knowledge in financial services, banking, regulatory reporting, legal & compliance and we combine it with innovative thinking.

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Why should you transform your business. We live in a globalised world where the market environment is changing rapidly. Companies often get off to a promising start, but then find that revenues begin to decline, costs soar and existing software becomes outdated. They struggle to keep pace as competitors gain market share. Business transformation is the optimal way to get your company back on track, either by increasing market share, boosting revenue, improving customer satisfaction or decreasing costs.

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What change leads to success. Information is now more accessible than ever, allowing consumers to stay up-to-date with lower prices, enhanced services and improved quality, which increases market competition significantly. Changing digital environments and new technologies are the drivers behind business transformation. Both offer a competitive advantage if adopted early, or implemented and integrated in new ways.

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How Ulixes Corporation can help your company. Business transformation starts within a company. Ulixes Corporation guides companies and helps them make the strategy a reality. We understand the market and know how to take an existing business and make it more efficient and profitable with business transformation. At Ulixes Corporation we help companies align their people, processes and technology with their corporate strategy and vision.

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